About Me

I'm that writing, dancing, singing, poet girl.
I'm also that IB kid with no life.
There's not much to it.
I'm just entertainment.

Mothers come from all sorts of places
they are roses in deserts
sometimes they are the only things that inspire you
the only reminders that life is beautiful at the root
despite it growing and twisting rapidly
Mothers are excellent at this type of gardening
They are teachers
and I have been student to many

My English professor
taught me that my words are eloquent enough to be heard
that my speech can move
even if its against the accepted direction
She taught me it is beautiful to voice your opinion
and that being individualistic is something so gorgeously human

My poetry mentor taught me
not to be pretty
She taught me to be real
To trim the pleasantries from my poetry
To always let people know exactly what I’m saying
She taught me
that vulnerability does not equate to weakness
and mountains of strength are commonly needed
to ask someone for help
And that the difficulty only intensifies the necessity

My best friends mother taught me
that sometimes forgiveness is a one way street
And you have to swallow your pride and realize how wrong of a direction you’ve been going
but no matter how lost you are in your own mistakes
God is always at the end of your destination if you are still looking

And my mother
has not stopped teaching since the day I started learning
She taught me that hard work doesnt pay off right away
but that there is always a benefit to doing something
She taught me that being a mother is more complicated than a teen could possibly understand
That being a mother is true love wrapped in sacrifice
sprinkled with uncoditional
covered in preservative to last eternal
and that children cannot stomach this
but it doesnt make it less true
My mother
Works 5-6 days a week
wears her heels and make up
and still manages to take her kids to school in the morning
still cooks in the evening
My mother works so hard
and sometimes it doesnt pay off
sometimes her kids look at her with cold hearts
sometimes I dont see how hard she is trying to make life bearable
but she loves me
more than enough to make up for my blind moments
and there are times like this where I can see that my mother is a hero
My mother has the strength of million
she once wrestled with death and told him
“You just try to take me away from my children”
She taught me to fight even when it is unladylike to do so
That being happy is always a lot harder than it sounds, but it is always worth the effort
She taught me that suicide is the result of not loving yourself enough
So she loves me excessively in hopes that it wouldnt even cross my mind
My mother taught me what love is
and how it is something to live for
Sometimes she is the only reason I get up in the morning


There is something to say on days where you crumble
A mumble or scream
Words I could only dream of saying
Words that are liberating
Drops that crack the dam walls, letting the secrets outpour finally
Words that transform nights of fruitless rest to attempts to reach your dreams
to finally get some sleep
Something to get your stomach rumbling on the days you refuse to eat
On the days where you are struggling just to breathe
There is something you say
and it sounds like “help me”
but i may be wrong since these words slip clumsily through my lips
i have not practiced their meaning
And I have grown accustom to not feeling needy
but there are days
when the tidal waves keep you in an eternal state of drowning
and there is a desperate desire for a harboring safety
so i will let these words burden my tongue
slip my SOS in bottles
hopefully someone
can anchor my tireless body
calm the seas in my mind raging
Help me

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JR (14/30)

She tries to be the moon
She places herself in the heavens
but feels self-conscious of her body in such a high position
She tries to hide
She encourages the stars to shine brighter
Cowers behind clouds
Borrows light from the sun and never feels worthy
She only feels like the beauty behind closed eyes
She ignores the fact she has the seas at the sways of her hips and the starry angels worship her being
She doesnt realize that the very earth would quake in convulsions and fall on its side in her absence
And the sun would intensify its heat in mourning
I hope one day she realizes her brilliance
I hope that everytime she sits up listening to the worlds prayers
She realizes she is a miracle
with kindness that caresses and kisses wearied eye wakers into sweet slumber
I pray that she never feels out of place in heaven when she is nothing short of celestial perfection
And I hope she remembers
that even when she steps out of the sun’s spotlight for a few seconds
The whole world watches
and the sea falls silent
This eclipse of her being is proof that
she was always beauty in plain sight that she never needed sunlight to make others think she is pretty
I hope she knows the sky is her home and that there is no other place for her in life
I hope she knows the night is hers
and she has always rightly deserved to be placed among the stars

Yep. Happy monthsary


public school in a nut shell


blaze it, i whisper as i light my homework on fire



“Anything you say can and will be held against you so only say my name”





how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


what the fuck


it’s very important that i am both cute and powerful

14 Months is a Long Time (13/30)

At 14 months a baby grows to speak cutely and incomprehensibly
Their laughter is one of the best things in the world
Their eyes have learned to recognize their caretaker
and begin to see color
By now, baby has learned to cherish what they like,
and toss  out what they don’t
They still cry through the night
and when all is said and done,
they are still babies

My girlfriend and I are still babies
I’ve heard 14 months is a long time
When people my age can’t even pass the one year mark
I still say we are just babies
We still just say things;
claim our love without truly knowing the meaning
Her laughter is a trophy,
but I have learned to toss out any other responses that she gives me
and she knows to push me aside when she is in no mood for playing
We still haven’t grown out of crying through the night after days of figthing
after not getting what we want and need
We are still needy
Craving love and attention
At this stage you have to walk through things in hand,
stumble and fall a million times until you grow up enough to stop tripping over minor things
Embrace each others flaws as easily as you adore their good side
Swallow the fact that they are imperfect
Get used to the bullshit
Learn that you just can’t throw away the things you don’t want to deal with

Don’t get me wrong
14 months is a long time
and I love her
like she was birthed from the fabric of my dreams
So far we have learned to recognize that we are not each others’ foes
and we cling to each other in dark times
when its harder to see that we’re on the same side
So far
we have grown to see the colors that our love brings into the world
and I know my world would be so dull without her
and I know that 14 months is a long time
but when all is said and done
we are just babies
and we have a long way to go

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Girls Love Beyonce (Remix) by JENI ft. Adrian Per